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"Their price was right.  They were so good to deal with.  The home we now have is really great." - Jason King

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Welcome to Wise Choice Homes, your new home builder choice!

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Wise Choice Homes isn't your typical new custom home builder!  Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Wise Choice Homes has been managing new home builds for their clients since 1993.

Building a new home can mean a major commitment that can easily become stressful, and that's where Wise Choice Homes comes in.  Let us manage your new home build by being your hired project manager.  As your project manager, we will walk you through every step of the new home building process, and even better, we will ensure you are getting the best price for all building materials.  This process will ensure your new home build is completed to your satisfaction.  All building materials and labour are passed on to you at cost.  These savings will more than make up the cost of hiring us.

After your new home has been built, you can feel confident that all work is covered by warranty and is completed according to industry standards.  All materials and work is directly warranted to the homeowner by the suppliers.  If any warranty concerns arise, our project manager will advise the appropriate trade that warranty work is required.

Let Wise Choice Homes take care of your new home build today!